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Stripping Of Ink Rollers
When parts of ink rollers refuse to hold ink, this is called stripping. Usually it is steel rollers that strip, losing their affinity for ink but at times, even parts of rubber rollers refuse to hold ink properly. There are two main reasons for stripping :

  • A film of dried ink on the rollers
  • Desenstization of the steel rollers.
It is easy to prevent or cure roller stripping.

A film of dried ink on the rollers often remains after each washup. The surface of the roller become hard and glazed and does not accept ink as well as it should. Once a glaze has been built up it must be removed.
  • Use the TRC procedure
  • Wash rollers with a strong glaze remover.
  • Wash the metal rollers with Chrome Roller Cleaner and Desensitizer and similar solution
If the above method is not completely effective, return printing rollers to the factory for re conditioning or re covering.
More Helpful Hints
  • When an offset or letter press is let to stand for a long period of time, rollers should be washed.
  • Special attention should be paid to the ends of the rollers that were beyond the form.
  • On offset presses, the metal vibrator rollers should be washed monthly with a cleaner designed for this.
  • Urethane rollers must be carefully and completely cleaned, daily. A dried film of ink obscures the fine natural tack of urethane and destroys the sharpness of printing.
  • Check wash-up blade for cleanliness, alignment and wear once a month.
No roller can function properly if any part of its surface is clogged with dried oils, solvents or gum. Always check with the roller manufacture for proper wash-up solutions to fit your requirements.
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