Ready Rollers

During the process of recovering the old rollers go to lathe machine several times and the bearing puller is also applied for removing the old bearings both these activities damage the uniformity of the center hole which is the reference point for the dimensions and machining of the complete roller. This results in eccentricity making rollers settings difficult.

It takes about 150 microns to get correct nip width and if the roller is eccentric by only 70 microns then the squeeze on the other end would be more than 220 microns leading to many printing problems.
Get New Core and New Cover Everytime
  • Made out of New core and rubber cover strictly as per OEM specifications.
  • Zero tolerance Eccentricity.
  • Dynamically balanced at high RPMs.
  • Supplied with premounted components like bearings, circlips etc.
Speces / Details of some IR Rollers:

Heidelberg Rollers



Printing Rubber Rollers

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