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Indications of Worn-Out Roller Covers

A roller cover, which can no longer fulfill its functions, can be recognized by the following indications:

Glazing of the surface
Ink build-up and calcareous deposits or material residues that cannot be removed by careful washing and cleaning.

Hardening of the surface
Increase of surface hardness in comparison to the hardness of a new roller cover by more than 5 Shore A.

Destruction of the surface
Porosity, roughness, break-ups, especially at the ends, sore running, irregular abrasion, orange peel effect, material tears.

Deviations in dimension
Cigar shape, trumpets at the ends, collar build-up at the edges, shrunken or swollen parts.

Heavy Diameter Shrinkage
Deviation between actual diameter and new roller of more than 1.0mm.
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